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Where Did Network Utility and RAID Utility Go In Yosemite?


Pior to OS 10.10, Yosemite, all versions of OS X shipped armed with Network Utility and RAID Utility as standard. The default locations of these applications was found in the /Applications/Utilities/ folder on each OS X. Now with Yosemite, these applications are noticeably missing. Good news though, Apple did not remove these applications. A quick way to find and launch these applications is to launch Spotlight and enter the corresponding application’s name in the Spotlight […]

How to Get An External Optical Drive Working With DVD Player Application

DVDPlayer icon

By default, the latest Mac portables now ship sans an optical drive. There are also those who have older Mac portables which shipped with optical drives which have either broken down or the owner has elected to extend the life of their beloved Mac portables by displacing the optical drive with an additional hard drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD) by adding a third party hard drive caddy. Notwithstanding which situation you are in, […]

What is Time Machine doing?


Ever wonder what Time Machine is doing whilst you wait? On a standard OS X system the best you can do is enable Show Time Machine in menu bar (System Preferences > Time Machine) which displays a Time Machine icon in your menu bar which upon clicking provides minimal details during Time Machine backups, e.g. backing up “XY MB of XXMB”… or “Cleaning up”. Which. Doesn’t really say much. Especially “Cleaning up” which usually feels […] Hijacker Removal


Be careful when you scour the internet in search of your next download. The growing ubiquity of Macs across the globe raises the platform’s desirability to hackers. Basically hackers are as calculative as the next guy or girl; they too want maximum impact in return for their efforts. These days there is an uneasy growing trend of hacks targeted at iOS and browser platforms. The hijacker is the latest malware that usually injects itself […]

Overcome File Permission Issues In SSD and HDD Setups – Duplicate Files Exactly


In our previous article DIY Fusion Drive Or Separate SSD and Hard Drive? we compared the benefits and challenges of installing a mix configuration of Solid State Drive (SSD) and the traditional hard drive (HDD) into a Mac system. In that article we recommended Fusion Drive as the way to go for an almost seamless user experience and convenience of Time Machine backup, in this article we detail how you can go about creating a separate SSD […]

Hot Corners Modifier Keys


Yes! You read right. Modifier Keys for Hot Corners!! Modifier Keys for Hot Corners can be extremely useful to suppress unwanted, accidental triggering of enabled Hot Corners in OS X. Firstly, for the uninitiated Hot Corners are like their namesake, the four corners of your screen which can be configured to trigger a preset function when you place your mouse over each particular corner. The Hot Corner control panel can be found nestled in System […]

Installing Samsung Performance Restoration Software on OS X


In late October 2014 Samsung has ponied up to the shortcomings of the read speeds of their Samsung SSD EVO 840 over time. In light of this Samsung claims that they have found the fix and released a firmware update to address this issue. The reported bug affects the read speed of old data. Apparently a firmware update on its own seems insufficient to cure the ailment. As a result it appears a firmware update […]

Time Machine Slow with SSD – TRIM Support the Culprit?


Here at MacRiot we’ve noticed that Time Machine has slowed significantly since our Solid State Drive (SSD) conversions on our Macs. To the extent that backups crawl along by the kb! This observation is based on Time Machine performed via a direct connection using FireWire. Whether this is attributable to the fact that we switched from standard mechanical hard drives to SSD we cannot confirm but we have noticed that Time Machine has returned to […]

OS X Gestures Stopped Working!!


Its unexplainable and has been occurring since the first introduction of Gestures into OS X in 2005 where two-finger scrolling was first debut to the world. Once in a while. Without warning. Explanation. Gestures just suddenly stop working. The fix? Hold down CMD + Option + ESC to summon the Force Quit window; Select Finder from the list of running applications (Finder will always be on the list as it is a system application that […]

DIY Fusion Drive Or Separate SSD and Hard Drive?

Fusion Drive

If you’re reading this then you’re probably adventurous enough to contemplate embarking on modifying your existing Mac to run either a Fusion Drive or a combination of Solid State Drives (SSD) and the traditional Hard Drive (HDD). But… you’re not sure which? Here at MacRiot we have explored both and what follows is a sharing of our revelations in hopes of demystifying this conundrum for you. Fusion Drive is a term and technology announced by Apple […]