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iOS 8.1.2 – Spotlight Search Cannot Find Calendar Entries More Than A Year Ago


We’re not entirely sure how long this ‘bug’ (or ‘intended function) has been lingering in iOS but we’ve noticed since iOS 8.1.2 that, unlike its OS X cousin, Spotlight in iOS appears unable to produce comprehensive results for Calendar entries. Despite our attempts at discerning the severity, Its difficult to say with certainty the exact limitation on iOS Spotlight’s results. For example, at time of writing it is now currently the year 2015. Say, you […]

iOS 8.1.2 Mail Accounts Duplicated Upon Delete


Its noted that whenever a Mail account is deleted from iOS Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars the screen refreshes and arbitrarily duplicates Mail accounts onscreen. To get the accurate view of your Mail accounts, you have to exit the Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ pane by selecting any other Settings pane, e.g. Safari, and re-select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars pane again. This behaviour has been noticed since iOS 8.1.1 and has yet to be addressed and persists into 8.1.2. […]

iOS 8.1.1 Calendar Font Illegible


Ever since iOS 8.1.1 we have noticed a new ‘bug’ that we reckon few users notice. The event Title and Location fonts become totally illegible and we have narrowed down how to replicate this phenomenon. The most likely reason most users won’t notice this, is by default, Calendar events are created in blocks of one (1) hour. We believe not many will record events in units smaller than an hour but with iOS 8.1.1 the […]

“Windows cannot be installed on to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style”


Boot Camp 5.1 now support Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.¬†Unfortunately installation some times is not as straight forward as it should be. This article is dedicated to dealing with the nasty frustrating GPT error encountered during the actual Windows 8/8.1 Boot Camp installation. You’ve done everything according to the Apple Boot Camp Windows Installation Guide but now you’re stuck staring at a Windows error message, “Windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk […]

1st Gen iPod Shuffle No Longer Supported On iTunes 12


Seems the Apple Support Communities is burning with reports of failure to recognise the 1st generation iPod Shuffle in iTunes 12. Despite the discussion on the Apple Support Community thread which centers around iTunes 12 on Windows, we confirm that the situation remains the same running iTunes 12 on OS X as well. Pending a formal clarification from Apple, it seems apparent that the latest iTunes version 12 has discontinued support for this landmark iPod […]

Apple Products Hardware Support Lifespan


Need an incentive to purchase an updated Mac product? For the Mac faithful who have used Macs for a decade or more, you can probably skip this article. The information contained herein is most likely residing within you already. This one’s for the rest… For your general information, it can be said that on an average all Mac hardware is only supported up to a maximum of five (5) years from the date the product […]

Install Java On Mac OS X


Since late 2012 (or OS 10.6, Snow Leopard), Apple has excluded the Java plugin from all Mac compatible web browsers. In fact, around that time Apple released an update containing a function that expressly removes the Java plugin from OS X. Since then, Apple has stopped including Java as part of its OS X install. The rationale behind this, is that with Java’s ubiquity running on Windows, OS X and Linux platforms, it has become […]

Apple Remote Desktop 3.7.2 Update Cannot Install On Yosemite


For Mac admins, there seems (at time of writing) to be another bug with Yosemite (10.10.1) which involves Apple Remote Desktop (ARD). At time of writing, the latest ARD release is version 3.7.2. The problem has been logged since October 2014 at Apple’s Support Communities Apple Remote Desktop forum¬†and centers around the apparent inability to update ARD to the latest 3.7.2 version. Thus far it appears that the bug involves the App Store and being […]

Where Did Network Utility and RAID Utility Go In Yosemite?


Pior to OS 10.10, Yosemite, all versions of OS X shipped armed with Network Utility and RAID Utility as standard. The default locations of these applications was found in the /Applications/Utilities/ folder on each OS X. Now with Yosemite, these applications are noticeably missing. Good news though, Apple did not remove these applications. A quick way to find and launch these applications is to launch Spotlight and enter the corresponding application’s name in the Spotlight […]

How to Get An External Optical Drive Working With DVD Player Application

DVDPlayer icon

By default, the latest Mac portables now ship sans an optical drive. There are also those who have older Mac portables which shipped with optical drives which have either broken down or the owner has elected to extend the life of their beloved Mac portables by displacing the optical drive with an additional hard drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD) by adding a third party hard drive caddy. Notwithstanding which situation you are in, […]