iTunes 6, Turning Your Mac Into An MTV Jukebox

iTunes 6 is a gem for music lovers and now with the ability to play movies natively, you can now stop scratching your head and turn your Mac into a virtual MTV jukebox in a snap.

You’re just a few clicks away from lazy days spent chilling out and winding down from the pressures of life with a compliment of music videos playing in the background.

The first step is to amass your collection of music videos on your Mac. Once you’ve got that done the next step is creating a video playlist and then making iTunes play it in full screen mode.



Music videos can either be extracted from CDs or DVDs or downloaded from Internet sources. Once downloaded, launch iTunes 6, click on the iTunes 6 File menu and select Add to Library. Select the videos that you want to add to your iTunes 6 library and click Choose.



Create a music video playlist by clicking on the “+” at the bottom left hand corner of your iTunes 6 interface. To add the videos to this newly created playlist, go into your Video library and select, drag and drop the video clips into the newly created playlist.


When you play videos on your Mac you’ll notice that it begins playing in the small box in the bottom left hand corner of iTunes 6. To quickly go into full screen mode, click on the full screen mode toggle button that appears whenever there is a video present in the playlist or library you are viewing.


Happy rocking…

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