MacPractice Releases MedicMac Beta

There’s been a shortage of mac powered health management systems or Patient Managment Systems (PMS) out there but hope comes with the release of MedicMac beta on 31 December 2004 from MacPractice. MacPractice is a company out of Lincoln, USA which has been working on a suite of management systems aimed at general practitioners, dentists and chiropractors.

It appears that the management systems are constructed in modules with add-ons constantly in the making.

“PC/MacPractice MD, a PC client for MacPractice MD is being developed in parallel and will be released simultaneously shortly after MacPractice MD. The PC client will permit physicians who need to integrate their practice management software with PC applications and hardware, such as medical imaging and EMR by allowing them to operate in a mixed Macintosh and Windows computing environment.”

The only setback is that the application, much like Quicken applications, is American-centric with training and support based mainly on the American continent.

For more information check out MacPractice.

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