Windows XP Interface, AquaSoft And Windows Blinds

AquaSoft is a site that’s dedicated to morphing Windows rigs to have a desktop that looks like a Mac OS X. From the desktop images, icons to even the Mac OS X Finder window, WindowsBlinds makes it happen.

Suffice it to say people who have tried have not reported that its an easy task. Reading the Readme.txt that accompanies WindowBlinds (shareware) is crucial to the succeess of any Windows user seeking to make their rig look more like a mac. All the essential mac icons are included to make your Windows rig appear more mac-like and you even have to install several fonts including LucindaMac into the FONTS folder within Window’s Control Panel to complete the effect. A lot of work but worth it if you like the mac-feel. There have been reports that WindowsBlinds puts a strain on your Windows rig and eventually it grinds to a halt. Install at your own risk or simply go mac?

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