Mac OS X Panther Switching On Apple Safari’s Status Bar

n its default state Apple’s Safari’s Status Bar is switched off and most mac users continue using it that way for good spell. Despite this, the Status Bar serves as a good reference point when browsing or developing web pages.

The Status Bar among other things, displays the target URL of links that your mouse runs over when you are browsing sites. It also, displays the URLs of pages its downloading to your browser as you wait, giving you a queit assurance that its doing something. On secured sites, or sites which run applets, it displays the status of the applet download status long after spinning progress icon stops its clockwise rotations.

Activating The Status Bar

This can be done in one simple step. Open Apple Safari and access the ‘View’ menu from the menubar, clicking on ‘Status Bar’.


That Status Bar should appear instantly and will continue to appear even after you shutdown Apple Safari and open it again. If you at any point you don’t want the Status Bar anymore, simply reverse the earlier process.


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