iPod Shuffle, First Takes

20050120194738634_1Managed to get my gritty hands on an iPod Shuffle and preliminary reviews confirm that the iPod Shuffle has no issues when it comes to sound quality. The audio output is as good as an iPod Mini’s mac fans!

The iPod Mini is not as small as most thumbdrives in reality but small enough nevertheless. As expected the cap is a disappointment. Although, it stays on well, I suspect that iPod Shuffle caps will be the main selling Apple iPod Shuffle accessory. The other concern is the security of your iPod Shuffle, how long it’ll remain yours.

20050120194738634_2Hanging it around your neck is screaming, “tug and run off with me!” The only thing you’ll have left is the cap and the lanyard. My advice, spend some dosh and get the iPod Shuffle Sport Case. The integrated battery indicator is a cool feature, which blinks if the battery looks seems like its not going to last you, your next jog. To check the battery life, is a simple motion of pressing the battery indicator button.

So far, the feedback has been concern over the lack of display. I mean, I don’t blame anyone. 1GB, 240 songs… is anyone’s memory that good? If not, get yourself an iPod Mini.

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