Hotmail, Deleting Your Junk Emails Using A Mac

Some users have reported the inability to utilise the Junk Mail options in Hotmail when accessing Hotmail online using Mac browsers, eg inability to delete junk mail and also re-allocating mails as ‘not junk mail’.

After some tests we found a way around it.

“Thanks for reporting this Nick!”

For some odd reason Hotmail might not be W3C compliant and as a result, most Mac browsers cannot interact with the Junk Mail page in Hotmail(Diagram 1.0). The remedy is simple.



Download the latest version of Netscape’s browser, login to Hotmail and viola! Everything works now…


One of the hazards that comes with using Macs I suppose. Not all Mac browsers are W3C compliant and if web sites are not W3C or open source compliant then you might experience these quirks. The most common issues occur with online banking. When these issues crop up, just try using different Mac browsers. There are quite a few out there and most of them are absolutely free.

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