Setting Up A Canon D646Uex On Mac OS X

Using an archaic scanner and running the latest incarnation of Mac OS X can be a severe disadvantage. Not to mention a headache. It took us a while but here’s how you can still use your Canon D646Uex scanner with your Mac OS X system.

The Canon D646Uex was released before Mac OS X’s evolution and since then, Cannon has not updated the drivers for it. The existing drivers that can be found at Canon’s web site only work for Mac OS 9.

What You’ll Need

To make this scanner work on your Mac OS X rig, you will need 3 critical components:

  1. Mac OS 9 installed on your Mac OS X rig;
  2. CanoScan Toolbox application;
  3. Mac OS 9 driver for Canon D646Uex;

20051017022824267_2The CanoScan Toolbox and Mac OS 9 drivers can be downloaded at the officiall Canon web site but to save you some surf time, pop over to our downloads section to get a quick copy of the required files.

It is critical, that the above components are installed in the order they appear on the above list. This is because the CanoScan Toolbox application requires a Mac OS 9/Classic environment to run and the CanoScan Toolbox will be sought after during the installation of the Mac OS 9 driver for the D646Uex. If it is not present before installing the Mac OS 9 driver for the D646Uex, you will not be able to acquire functionality of the scanner.

Tip: once Mac OS 9 Classic has been installed, it may be a good idea to install the CanoScan Toolbox application into the Applications (Mac OS 9) folder in the root directory of your Mac’s hard drive. This serves to provide an easy segregation between your Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 applications.
Installing Mac OS 9 Classic

Mac OS 9 can be installed from your Mac OS X CD/DVD that shipped with your Mac system. Do NOT re-install Mac OS X. To install Mac OS 9 Classic, click on “Install Applications & Classic Support” package and follow the instructions.



In most Mac OS X CD/DVD’s, launching “Install Applications & Classic Support” package, also allows you to re-install iLife and other applications that shipped with your Mac system. If you only choose to install Mac OS 9 Classic, be sure that you deselect the other applications in the instructions that follow.
Alternative Method To Install Mac OS 9 Classic

An alternative method to installing Mac OS 9 Classic can be performed if you do not have a Mac OS X CD/DVD or in the event that the Mac OS 9 Classic installation is missing from your Mac OS X CD/DVD.

A guide can be found in out earlier article, OS 9 Classic | Installing OS 9 Classic On Mac OS X.
Using The Scanner In Classic Mode

If you’ve followed the instructions above, you should now be able to launch CanoScan Toolbox in the Classic environment. Connect the scanner and everything should be working.

TIP: be sure to disengage the transportation lock located at the bottom of your D646Uex which is used to lock the lamp during shipping. Failure to do so, will result in an error when using CanoScan Toolbox.

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