Mac OS X Tiger, Desktop Expose’ Hide n Seek

Ever since I installed Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, I’ve noticed that I’ve had to play hide n seek with my Desktop expose’. The normal function of Desktop expose’ is to move everything else out of the way, leaving my Desktop visible and accessible. However, with the introduction of Mac OS X Tiger, Desktop expose’ moves everything else out of the way, then snaps back within seconds!

Despite all my troubleshooting efforts, I just couldn’t figure it out and its been annoying me for the longest time. The solution?

As it turns out, the cause of this phenomenon stems from ill programmed Dashboard widgets. More accurately third party widgets that weren’t originally included with Mac OS X Tiger. Removing or shutting down the misbehaving widget will usually return the Desktop expose’ function to normal.

So, as much as downloading widgets for free is a common past time among Mac OS X Tiger users, here’s a reason to download cautiously.

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