Keeping Your Mac Clean


Having trouble finding the best way to keep your Mac in pristine condition? Ever since Apple upgraded their entire (well, almost with the exception of the eMac) system line-up to LCD displays, Mac users have been wondering just how to keep their LCD screens and their Mac bodies pristine. We’ve finally decided to give you the answer…

Whilst, there are a plethora of companies offering all sorts of dolled up cleaning solutions for computer care, here’s an often used but never really talked about cost-effective solution –Windex.

Yes, the popular glass cleaner from S.C Johnson & Son that has become a household reference for ‘glass cleaner’ and the removal of warts and other skin ailments, not only cleans glass but your Mac as well. It can be used in conservative amounts on LCD panels and even your Mac bodies taking care not to get any moisture into the electrical components. Leaving your Mac to beam with pride like the day it first rolled off the factory floor.

Its critical to ensure that all power sources (including batteries for portables) are disconnected from your Mac prior to cleaning. Find a soft chamois cloth, douse it conservatively with Windex and wipe the grime off your Mac gently. Leave to dry and repeat as necessary.

Never apply Windex directly to your LCD or your Mac body.

Wiping the LCD might prove a little tricky as inproper wiping techniques tend to leave water trails that become glaringly visible under natural light. To avoid such an eventuality, try drying off the Windex as soon as it is applied with a dry chamois cloth.



Now, thanks to S.C Johnson & Son’s latest offering, “Beyond the Blue Bottle”, you can now have your Mac smelling like fresh berries using Windex’s Mountain Berry Glass Cleaner, when you grow tired of just the Original Windex glass cleaner. There’s also the handy Windex Glass and Surface Wipes for the cleanliness-conscious-metrosexual roadwarrior.

“Go on, give her a wipe,… you know you want to.”


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