Alastair Tse’s Album Art Dashboard Widget

Kudos to Alastair Tse, on his great effort to bring us closer to acquiring album art for our tunes. Whilst, Fetch Art is an effort to match album art from the Internet for your entire iTunes library; Alastair’s Album Art purports to search the Internet for the album art of the song currently being played over your iTunes.

With a funky interface and the option to either add the found album art to only the currently played song or all songs within the same album, it definitely adds a new aspect to jam’in on iTunes whilst fast switching between Dashboard and iTunes.

Alastair has also kindly included yesasia CDDB servers in the selection of servers which his Album Art widget can scour album art from. Effectively, giving asian language music listeners a solution to finding album art for asian language artistes.

Alastair’s Album Art is donationware, integrates and works seemlessly with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.


In typical geek fashion, its not enough that Alastair has managed to retrieve album art, we cannot wait for the full release of his currently beta version of Album Art Inspector. Aimed at providing a solution to editing/removing album art en mass.


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