Mac OS X 10.4.4, Missed Out Fast User Switching Bug

Although, Mac OS X software update release 10.4.4 was touted to address over 183 known bugs that remain unresolved in update 10.4.3, the fast user switching bug seems to persist and remain, un-attended to.

The bug is apparent in Mac OS X 10.4 systems which contain more than a single user, where fast user switching is activated.

Fast switching from one user to another causes a corruption in the Colorsync profiles, leaving the display shrouded in a strange hue. Usually blue-ish in nature.

Before update 10.4.4 was released numerous workarounds popped up on the Internet but it appears, 10.4.4 has negated to address the issue despite consistent forum postings at Apple’s support site.

It is hoped that Apple will cure this imperfection that never occured in Mac OS X 10.3 soon. In the interim, only logging out all users and logging in as a single user again, seems to cure the issue.

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