Sound Echo/Loop Issues Plague Last PowerBook G4 Series

Thanks to an unnamed source, we have been alerted that there are further unpublished issues that affect the latest PowerBook G4 series.

“The problem occurs on the high-resolution models, 15 and 17 inches (update: also the 12”), and probably on ALL the new Powerbooks being sold in the shops today. A lot of people says that the ”echo/loop” problem disappears if you use a external soundcard instead of the internal one – this insinuates that ALL new PowerBooks have some sort of damage on the internal soundcard that provoke this error to happen.”

An extensive report and video clip capturing the ‘fault’, can be found at PowerBook Defect Info. A petition to Apple demanding remedial action is also present at the same site, with reference to Apple’s seemingly soft justification concerning this issue. Simply requesting users of the latest PowerBook G4’s to, “…run only one audio application at a time. If it looks like you only have one audio application running but the sound is still skipping or stuttering, check for hidden login items or startup items.”

Things are not looking rosy for owners of the latest PowerBook G4 series. Apple could not be contacted for comment.

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