Sizzling Keys From Yellow Mug, A Must-Have iTunes Jamm’in Companion


There’s nothing like getting some work done in a room filled with Air Tunes and tunes coming outta your Mac portable speakers simultaneously. Does it get any better than this?

…Yes, it does.

Thanks to a freeware offering from Yellow Mug, Sizzling Keys empowers Mac users everywhere to do the one thing that makes the Mac a quick system to work with, without having to roll a mouse around or drag your fingers lazily about your portable’s trackpad – Hot Keys.

Unlike Dashboard widgets; Sizzling Keys integrates directly into your Mac’s System Preferences and operates system-wide, allowing you to control your iTunes without even making iTunes your active application. If that wasn’t cool enough, it also displays a floater window whenever an action is performed and/or when your iTunes changes tunes. Displaying album art in the process!

Sizzling Keys includes Hot Key settings to put your Mac to sleep, activate the screensaver and lock your Mac. Upgrading to a Pro version unlocks the ability to set Hot Keys for skipping forward/backward and toggle shuffle on/off. As well as, toggle off the sponsors messages that appear in the Sizzling Keys preference pane of your System Preferences.

Great work guys!

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