Cycore Systems, Cult3D Viewer For Mac OS X

Swedish software house, Cycore Systems has brought Cult3D Viewer into the world of Mac OS X. In essence its a viewer tha allows Mac heads to view graphics authored using their Cult3D Designer. You may or may not have wandered into a web site that uses this bit of technology and encountered the disappoint of not being able to view the content being offered.

One way to check if your Mac is already equipped with Cult3D is to head down to Nokia’s web site that attempts to share a 360 degrees view of their Nokia 9300i cell phone. if you can view it, you’re good to go, if not get your free copy of the Cult3D pre-release here.

Note: a restart of your system is required for the plugin to take effect although the installer doesn’t prompt you for it. Also, at time of writing, Cycore Systems’ Cult3D for Mac OS X is only a pre-release version that doesn’t support Java. Which means, you’ll most likely be able to view the graphic but might not be able to exploit the Java functions programmed into it. At least, until Cycore Systems finishes its Cult3D for Mac OS X development.

Another format beckons. Another plugin to download.

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