iSync 2.3, Sony Ericsson K610i Plugin

iSync 2.3 has yet to support some of the latest cell phone models. One of these, include the latest Sony Ericsson K610i. An ace budget 3G cell phone with all the functionalities you’d expect from Sony Ericsson.

The UI is great and the crummy ‘joystick’ like navigator has been replaced with a more resilient 5 button navigation interface. All in all a good package. You buy it, you bring it home and then… you realise you can’t sync it with your Mac.

At time of writing, Apple has yet to release an update to iSync 2.3 and about the most cost effective place you can get a plugin for your K610i until Apple releases one, is Going for Euro1.49, Jonathan’s pretty decent in his pricing and the best bit is that it works like a charm.

Other Sony Ericsson iSync plugins (that iSync doesn’t currently surpport) at include the following models:

  • k510i/a
  • k800i
  • k790i/a
  • V630i
  • W300i
  • W700i
  • W850i
  • Z525a
  • Z550i

As a bonus, Jonathan has even created colour matching icons that will appear on iSync when you add your Sony Ericsson to your sync list.

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