Lobotomo, Cool Down Your MacIntel With SMC Fan Control 1.1

MacIntel portables have been plagued with immense heat ever since their launch. Although, Apple has carried out its due diligence by introducing newer firmware versions for the MacBook and MacBook Pro, you can still override the installed firmware with Lobotomo’s SMC Fan Control 1.1.

The firmware updates by Apple have undeniably aided in suppressing the heat. With users reporting reductions in heat since updating their Macs but if you’re running processor intensive applications, the SMC Fan Control 1.1 is the tool for absolute control. In a nutshell, SMC Fan Control 1.1 allows users to override the internal fan control, allowing users to preset the minimum fan speed. What is required is an administrative username and password to enable the applicaiton.

Because its an application that runs atop of Mac OS X, it doesn’t permanently override the default firmware control over the system’s fan/s. The application must be re-enabled after a system shutdown and when the system comes out of sleep or a screensaver.

Download your donationware copy of SMC Fan Control 1.1 now from Lobotomo.

Although the title at Lobotomo’s web site suggests use with MacBook Pro, SMC Fan Control 1.1 works equally well for MacBooks as well.

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