MacRabbit, Taking Care of Desktop Clutter With DeskShade

Reach the nirwana of an uncluttered Desktop with MacRabbit’s DeskShade. The Desktop, is often the most used area on any Mac. A great place to put files or folders we are actively working on or the most convenient place to drag and drop images from our Internet browsers for safe keeping. Trouble is, over time, the Desktop becomes a nightmare for neat freaks, which is only exacerbated if you’re using a Mac with a smaller display.

DeskShade provides an instant alternative. In a nutshell, it allows us to cover our Desktops with the active wallpaper or even a movie. With preference settings that actually allow opacity adjustments to the playing video. This allows us to run a translucent movie atop of the active wallpaper, all in all, giving a cool ghostly effect to Desktop mod junkies.

DeskShade retails at USD$12.95 and is a great buy if you want to keep your Desktop looking spanking clean. DeskShade also comes with a built in screen lock utility which can be quickly activated through the DeskShade icon in the menubar or by toggling predefined hot keys. The current release of DeskShade (2.0.3) also features iPhoto integration to make wallpapers out of your favourite photos quickly and easily.

Get rid of the clutter! DeskShade’s a definite plus on any Mac system.

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