Apple iPhone Debuts At MacWorld 2007


After the tragic failure of the tie-up between Apple and Motorola, launching what was then anticipated as the Apple cell phone, the Motorola ROKR cell phone; Apple has today finally launched its OWN, Apple iPhone!

After two and half years in development, the iPhone debuts to the world. Feature rich and sporting a patented multi touch sensitive screen Apple is set to blaze the trail, leading the way to change the face of the telecommunications industry as we know it. To make this fact more cogent, Apple has also dropped “Computer” from its name and henceforth shall be known only as “Apple Inc.”



The iPhone is slated to launch in June 2007 in USA, during the 4th quarter of 2007 in Europe and early 2008 in Asia. With a choice of a 4GB and 8GB model, priced at USD$499 and USD$599 respectively, subject to a 2 year contract agreement in USA.



For more details on the iPhone visit the play-by-play commentary of this year’s MacWorld at Engadget or visit or watch the streaming QuickTime 2007 MacWorld Keynote.



Apple also features the introduction of a refreshed 802.11n ready Airport Extreme Base Station and the notoriously codenamed iTV, now come to be known as AppleTV, in this year’s line-up.

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