iTunes, A Word On Using AAC Encoded Tunes In Your iMovie, iDVD Or Final Cut Pro Production

Most folks are happy as bunny rabbits with the ability to purchase music from the iTunes Music Store (ITMS). Who wouldn’t be? Its great. Click and download… legally. The rest of us who don’t have ITMS in our country are just begging for it to come sooner than later.

Now the catch is, all ITMS tunes are encoded in a protected AAC format. This makes things all legal and big media entertainment moghuls happy to offer their content on ITMS but does not make us the total owners of the music we’ve purchased online at ITMS. Other than the limitations imposed on copying and distribution of AAC encoded music, you are also limited in the use of the tunes in your home produced movies. Doing so, will cause rendering errors when you finally produce the movie into any other format than its existence on the timeline of your iMovie, iDVD or FInal Cut Pro application.

So before, you spend hours making that latest home movie. Take note. You may get better results from ripping music from original CDs ripped into mp3 format or producing your own original movie score using GarageBand.

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