Airport Extreme, Printing To A Printer Attached To An Airport Extreme Base Station From A Windows PC

Its relatively, ‘easy as pie’ to print from a Mac to a printer attached to an Airport Extreme base station but how do we do it from a Windows PC?

Well, there are some additional steps and a download to commit to but after that, it comes down to being as ‘easy as pie’ again. The ‘secret’ is in installing the Windows Bonjour printer setup utility.

You simply need to download Bonjour For Windows 10.3 (14.2MB) from Apple’s Support website. Install the Bonjour Setup.exe file in either your Windows 2000 or later, or Windows XP equipped PC and you’re good to go. Post installation, launch the Bonjour Printer Wizard from your Windows Start menu, follow the instructions detailed through a few simple network printer setup windows and you should have your printer added to your Windows PC in a snap!

If you have a broadband connection and a reasonably fast Windows PC, the process should have you up and printing wirelessly in under 10mins.

If you have installed Bonjour For Windows and find difficulty in making the remote printer, print its important to note that the appropriate printer driver must be installed in each Windows PC that will be attempting to print via WiFi.

If the model of printer connected to the Airport Extreme base station is not contained in the list of printers available in the Bonjour For Windows printer setup list, then you need to either install the appropriate printer driver from the driver CD that shipped with the printer or download the driver from the printer manufacturer’s web site.

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