iSync 2.4, Mobile Feisar’s Sony Ericsson K610i Plugin No Longer Works

As of 13 March 2007, Apple released its Mac OS X 10.4.9 software update into the wild and as a consequence, silently bumped iSync, from version 2.3 to version 2.4.

For those of us who have purchased third party plugins, notably Mobile Feisar’s K610i plugin, at the time that iSync 2.3 didn’t offer support for the Sony Ericsson K610i, the bad news is – it no longer works with iSync 2.4.

The good news however, is that the Sony Ericsson K610i is now natively supported by iSync for both USB and Bluetooth syncing. Nevertheless, there are some steps to take to restore functionality between your your K610i and iSync.

If you have installed Mobile Feisar’s K601i plugin, there are some small steps to take to return functionality between your K610i and iSync. You need to take these steps:

  • Launch iSync 2.4
  • commit to a sync and iSycn will produce an error message detailing the Mobile Feisar K610i plugin as the source of the issue
  • follow the instructions that will bring you to the Mobile Feisar K610i’s plugin location in your hard drive
  • delete the plugin
  • restart iSync 2.4 and remove the K610i phone from your iSycn devices list
  • add your K610i again as a new device and its strongly recommended to commit to a new sync that will erase all the data on the K610i, replacing it with the data on your Mac

Please note that if you have not committed to the latest Mac OS X 10.4.9 software update, you may still use iSync to sync the current data from your K610i but otherwise, the data is lost.

In the above instructions, we recommend removing the K610i from your iSync devices list, after iSync restarts, to avoid data loss. Committing to a sync otherwise, may lead to undesireable results.

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