Semaja2, MultiAlarm, The ‘iAlertU’ For SMS-Equipped iBooks And PowerBook G4s

Way before there was iAlertU for Intel-based Mac portables, Semaja2 had MultiAlarm. So, if you’re a Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS) enabled iBook or PowerBook G4 user, there’s an option to replicate a car alarm function on your Mac portable.

MultiAlarm is an audible alarm software solution that sounds whenever you activate it and move your Apple Laptop with a SMS sensor or Use the mouse or keyboard. MultiAlarm is coded around the original application called iBookAlarm which was coded by Yellow Monkey. It uses the motion.c engine designed by Christian Klein to detect movement of the laptop and also uses the Screen-Lock application which was developed by Dominik who has also coded parts of MultiAlarm.

It even comes complete with a high-pitched silent alarm sound and a screen-lock utility. Unfortunately, the ‘prevent sleep when lid is closed upon activation’ feature is not supported past Mac OS X 10.4.7. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also enable the Daemon that comes with MultiAlarm which will check upon restart, whether MultiAlarm has been disabled. If not, the MultiAlarm will re-enable the secure settings as though MultiAlarm has been set off.

MultiAlarm also comes one-up to the Intel-based iAlertU application – scripts. MultiAlarm comes with additional scripts that can be installed to facilitate control of MultilAlarm through external interfaces, e.g. your cell phone. Through cross application functionality with Salling Clicker and Romeo, MultiAlarm can be enabled/disabled using your cell phone!

MultiAlarm is donationware. An alternative to MultiAlarm for use on SMS-enabled iBook or PowerBook G4s is BumpAlarm by Shaun J. Chu. Shaun’s site states that BumpAlarm requires Amit Singh’s AMSTracker to emulate Apple’s SMS technology to work but despite our best attempts BumpAlarm doesn’t seem to function past trying to locate the AMSTracker during installation. Hence, MultiAlarm appears the more stable choice.

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