Doomlaser’s Kernal Panic Screensaver

Thanks to the folks at Doomlaser, you can now add a prank Kernal Panic screensaver to your collection of screensavers. If you’ve been fortunate enough never to have witnessed a Kernal Panic personally – a Kernal Panic is, if you like, the Mac equivalent of a Windows Blue Screen of Death and usually occurs when there’s a serious hardware/software failure on your Mac.


Now you can simulate it by downloading and installing KPSaver from Doomlaser.

Note, that because KPSaver constantly displays a still image, it may not serve as a good permanent screensaver to use on your Mac as you might suffer an LCD burn-in effect over extended periods of use. As a suggestion to circumvent this, you can maybe time your screen sleep to occur shortly after your KPSaver takes effect.

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