Free Safari 3 Public Beta For Windows

WWDC 2007 witnessed the announcments of several new cutting edge software offerings, including the introduction of Safari 3, the world’s fastest and easiest-to-use web browser for Windows PCs and Macs. First there was ‘iPod evangelism’. Now, it appears that Apple has taken its onslaught into the Windows world one step further. Bringing the Apple user experience right on your Windows rig. Safari is touted to be the fastest browser running on Windows, based on the industry standard iBench tests, rendering web pages up to twice as fast as IE 7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2.

Safari has full support of open Internet standards including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG and Java. and features easy-to-manage bookmarks, effortless browsing with easy-to-organize tabs and a built-in RSS reader to quickly scan the latest news and information.

Other features include

  • Elegant User Interface
  • Easy Bookmarks
  • Pop-up Blocking
  • Inline Find
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • SnapBack
  • Forms AutoFill
  • Built-in RSS
  • Resizable Text Fields
  • Private Browsing
  • Security

Safari 3 public beta is available as a free download at Apple’s Safari web page and is preview software licensed for use on a trial basis for a limited time.

The final version of Safari 3 will be available as a feature in the upcoming Mac OS® X version 10.5 Leopard, and will be available as a free download to Mac OS X Tiger and Windows users in October 2007.

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