iPhone, Transit Application – A Free Guide To Buses In Singapore

Transit is another pragmatic offering from www.peeinmypantz.com. A slighty heavier application compared to its sister MRTSchedule application, Transit purports to provide a detailed directory of the public bus system in Singapore.

At time of writing, Transit is yet another free offering, necessitating only a one time online registration by the user which can be carried out directly from the iPhone. An alternative, is to choose to try it without activation whereby Transit will allow a user up to 8 sessions before demanding registration.

Although, its pretty much a work-in-progress; its still a handy add-on to any commuting iPhone owner, Transit is a comprehensive application that allows users to browse buses by categories which include:

  • All Buses
  • Normal Buses
  • NightRider/NiteOwl

Transit also facilitates browsing by:

  • Road Names
  • Interchange
  • Station


Interested iPhone users, can add Transit to their iPhone by first adding the source, http://potty.peeinmypantz.com in their Installer app and once the Installer app has refreshed the source list; scroll to the Singapore Transport category and add the following:

  1. Transit and;
  2. TransitDB: Singapore Bus

To use Transit both the applications have to be installed. Where, TransitDB is the database complement to the application itself.

Overall, Transit does what it sets out to do. Provide a quick reference for commuters to quickly find out which bus to take and from where. A recommended application for bus commuters in Singapore.








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