iPhone, MMS Settings For Singapore (SwirlyMMS)

To use SwirlyMMS to send and receive MMS in Singapore you have set the following setttings on your iPhone. Both within the SwirlyMMS application itself and also in the EDGE settings:



If you’re attempting to use MMS on your iPhone in other countries you may be able to find the appropriate settings here.

Although SwirlyMMS is a great workaround for the lack of MMS functions on the iPhone it has some severe limitations:

  • It can send images via text messaging
  • It cannot receive images via text messaging
  • It does not associate the sender’s number to the Contact list making it hard to determine the source of the MMS
  • It cannot send any other files…like text, songs or movies
  • It cannot send to multiple contacts or send multiple images.
  • You’ll need to install MobileFinder and MobilePreview and have some level of expertise to extract and view the received MMS on your iPhone

Moral of the story? Keep up those feature request emails to Cupertino. We might see MMS integration into the iPhone in version 2.1? Unless Mr Jobs has decided that MMS is not the way to go and MobileMe is the better platform… then the world has to change to Mr Jobs’ tune.

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