iPhone, Importing Contacts From Your SIM Card

One of the frustrating features that’s commonly available on most cell phones that the iPhone lacks, is the ability to import your contacts directly off your SIM card.

The good news is, that has now been overcome, thanks to the developers of SimPort. A third party application that allows you to import contacts directly off your SIM card. Of course, there’s a caveat. There always is…

First off, you’ll need a jail broken iPhone and the App Tapp Installer app already installed on your iPhone. Turn on your iPhone and make sure its connected to a working WiFi network that has Internet connectivity.

By default the Installer app doesn’t have the necessary Source link in the Sources list. So, what you need to do is add a Source. This can be done simply, by tapping on Sources at the bottom right corner of the Installer screen, followed by tapping the “Edit” button at the top right. After doing this tap, the “Add” button on the top right of the screen then key in the following link into the URL field that appears, http://install.ifon.no. Click “Ok” and the Installer app should automatically refresh your Sources list. Look for the SimPort app from the packages list and install it. Restart your iPhone and you should see the Sim Port app added to your Springboard.

Some mixed results have been reported but in general, expect to wait for some time upon launching Sim Port for the first time as it scours your SIM card for the necessary contact information. Once its completed its task, all the contacts on your SIM card should appear on screen and you need only to uncheck the ones that you do not want to import into your iPhone’s local Contacts list.

Overall, SimPort is a fantastic workaround for people who have purchased the iPhone without the necessary computer filled with contact information. Simply use SimPort to import all your contacts from your SIM card, sync your iPhone to your Mac or PC and you will have backed up your contacts to your Mac or PC!

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