iTunes USB Local Sync Making A Come Back!

There’s no sweeter news than finding out that Apple Inc has possibly heard the requests of its many loyal customers.

Owing to the silent removal of sync services in the Mac OS architecture by Apple, the ability to locally sync our iOS devices to our Mac OS via USB has been missing since Apple introduced Mac OS 10.9, Mavericks.

This left many users feeling enraged that the ‘choice’ to avoid cloud syncing personal information had been taken away from them without prior consensus and quite possibly even pushed a fair number to consider other platforms in lieu of iOS.

Sources have indicated that Apple has released its latest seed of Mac OS 10.9.3 to its employees on 18 March 2014 and together with that the upcoming iteration of iTunes 11.1.6 beta.

According to release notes of iTunes 11.1.6 beta, this version ¬†of iTunes “restores the ability to sync contacts and calendars to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running Mac OS 10.9.3.”

At time of writing, iTunes 11.1.6 beta and Mac OS 10.9.3 have only been made available to Apple employees but the betas should be seeded to Apple developers when its deemed ready.

Now, all that is left to ‘rectify’ is to return the ability to Quick Look movie file formats other than just mp4 on Mac OS 10.9. Once that is done, maybe ‘upgrading’ to Mac OS 10.9, Mavericks might warrant serious consideration.

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