iOS 8.1.1 Calendar Font Illegible

Ever since iOS 8.1.1 we have noticed a new ‘bug’ that we reckon few users notice. The event Title and Location fonts become totally illegible and we have narrowed down how to replicate this phenomenon.

The most likely reason most users won’t notice this, is by default, Calendar events are created in blocks of one (1) hour. We believe not many will record events in units smaller than an hour but with iOS 8.1.1 the event colour bars seem to have gotten ‘too precise’.

In our example we have created four events with different start and end times, durations:

  • One hour
  • Half an hour
  • Fifteen minutes and;
  • Start and End time the same, i.e. no duration


Take a look at the following Calendar screen shot and you’ll notice that the event colour bar shrinks with the duration but unfortunately unlike iOS 7.1.2 before, Calendar shrinks the event Title and Location fonts together with the event colour bar making the font totally illegible.

For most part, incredibly difficult to select as well.



At present this appears to be the ‘new behaviour’ of Calendar in iOS 8.1.1 and there doesn’t seem to be a workaround to solve this.

In iOS 7.1.2 the event colour bar would always maintain a standard minimum size even with zero duration events, which ensured that the event Title and Location font remained legible.

Hopefully Apple will remedy this in the upcoming iOS 8.1.2 update.

In the mean time, please rally together and let the powers to be at Apple Inc know about this ‘bug’ by submitting your two cents at Apple’s Feeedback page.

Update: iOS 8.1.2 is out and unfortunately it doesn't look like it fixed this issue.

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