Updating Aperture 3.4.5 to 3.6 To Be Yosemite Compatible

Its a chicken and egg scenario with Yosemite and Aperture. You just hit the “update” button and finally gave in to installing Mac OS X 10.10, Yosemite on your Mac.

Its only upon completion you realise that the last version of Aperture was 3.4.5 and now it does not work with Yosemite….

Here’s how to make it Yosemite friendly.

What needs to be done is to update Aperture from 3.4.5 to 3.6. Yes, you read right. 3.6.

No, you didn’t miss any updates. It just jumped a few versions ahead to 3.6.

The most common complaint is that Aperture cannot be updated once you’ve installed Yosemite. All you see is the Aperture application icon with a no entry sign painted across it and even if you launch App Store you cannot find Aperture 3.6 update anywhere.

aperture blocked


Here’s how to force update Aperture from 3.4.5 that is incompatible with Yosemite to 3.6:

  • Drag the Aperture application into the trash but don’t empty the trash (just in case)
  • Launch App Store and click on the Purchases tab, find the Aperture application in the list (assuming Aperture is a paid app) and click “Install”

aperture install

  • Upon completion, you should now be the proud owner of Aperture 3.6!! Which is… compatible with Yosemite!!
  • Hold down the Option key and click Aperture to launch it and when prompted select your Aperture library to re-link your existing library to Aperture 3.6
  • When prompted to update the older 3.4.5. Aperture library to 3.6 agree and wait for the update process to complete

aperture update

Give your new Aperture 3.6 a trial run and once you’re satisfied, you can safely delete Aperture 3.4.5 from your trash bin.

5 Comments on "Updating Aperture 3.4.5 to 3.6 To Be Yosemite Compatible"

  1. i need help. aperture is not in my purchased apps tab.

  2. What about if you did not buy Aperture through the App Store, but purchased the CD? App Store says you did not buy Aperture.
    Very disappointed with this “idea” of integrating Aperture into Photos. Lightroom’s people must be happy.

  3. Is the advice on downloading Aperture 3.6 true for El Capitan as well as Yosemite? Does sequence matter? i.e.Can one download the Aperture update prior to downloading Yosemite or El Capitan? I subscribe to the” if its not broken, then don’t break it” school and I don’t care to go to El Captian. However some of the newer HDR editing software, Aurora, requires this latest OS.

    • We did it in Yosemite and upgraded to El Capitan subsequently and Aperture is still running fine. Haven’t tried this on El Capitan exclusively so can’t really comment but in theory it should work…

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