Safari Bookmarks Sync Gone With iTunes 12.2.1

Latest events suggest that Apple Inc. has not relented in attempting to force iOS device owners to get onboard Apple Inc’s Master Plan for global domination. Short of shouting “use iCloud now!” Apple Inc has once again edged iOS users (one sync feature at a time) towards greater iCloud integration of their Digital Lives.

The first obvious change that came with iTunes 12.2.1 was the removal of the ability to control and sync Email accounts via local USB sync.

But,… now there’s one more feature that has been ‘silently’ removed – Safari bookmark syncing!

itunes safari bookmarks

In the previous incarnation of iTunes, users could opt to sync Safari or any other installed internet browser’s bookmarks by simply toggling the checkbox under the Info tab of the iOS device screen.

After updating/installing iTunes 12.2.1 it became obvious after a brief search that the Safari bookmarks sync control is not only missing but there is no other means to sync bookmarks via local USB sync anymore.

iOS device users are now forced to turn on iCloud’s Safari bookmarks syncing if they want to maintain this feature.

icloud safari syncTo accomplish this, on your Mac:

  • launch System Preferences from the Apple menu located at the top left corner of your screen
  • click the iCloud preferences
  • select the Safari checkbox under the iCloud settings

Then do the following on all your iOS devices:

  • launch Settings
  • turn on the Safari sync in the ¬†iCloud preferences pane

iOS Safari Set


If like us, you would like Apple to bring back Safari bookmarks syncing via local USB, join us in forwarding your comments directly to Apple at the Apple feedback page.


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