Mouse/Trackpad Not Working After Starcraft 2 Patch 4.8.0 Installed

Since Blizzard introduced its Patch 4.8.0 for its long running Starcraft 2 multi-player strategy games for macOS, complaints have abound regarding the sudden lose of response from players’ mouse/trackpad.

At the time of writing Blizzard hasn’t appeared to be able to iron out the kinks in their patch but has nonetheless managed to find a workaround within macOS which works.

Turns out players can overcome this ‘temporary glitch’ by ensuring that their macOS Security & Privacy Settings for Acessibility are set so that Starcraft 2 is included in the Allowed apps.

This is done simply by going to your macOS System Preferences.

Select Security & Privacy.


Followed by selecting the Privacy tab; in the sidebar select Accessibility and the ensure that the is checked and enabled.

You may have to click on the padlock at the bottom left of the System Preferences window if your System Preferences is locked by default and require an Administrator’s password to change the settings.

This tip was performed on a Mac running macOS 10.14.2, Mojave, running Starcraft 2, version

The original Blizzard customer support solution can be found here.

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